Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I vote for?
You can vote for any eligible person, project or organisation, including your own organisation or project.

How will the winners be decided?
The highest scoring two nominations in each of the 10 categories will be invited to accept the nominations and be profiled in the EDP & the Hostry Festival’s Guide, circulated across Norfolk from July to November each year. The two nominees will then attend the gala ceremony where the highest scoring nominee will be revealed as the winner. In the event of a tie, an award will be handed to both winners. The producers of the awards retain the creative opportunity to add a further nominee in each category, if it is felt that there is not enough diversity, or inclusion, as well as inclusion of people from all four corners of the county. Should a nominee not wish to accept the nomination, the next highest scoring nominee will be selected and invited to accept.

Who is allowed to vote?
Anyone can vote! As well as members of the public we will also be inviting nominations from industry leaders and organisations in Norfolk.

How many times can I vote?
You can only vote once but you may vote for up to two organisations or people in each category. You may edit your responses until voting closes on 4th June 2022.

Is it likely that only large projects & those with high profile will be nominated?
Naturally those with a high profile and fan base will be likely to do well, but historically it has been proven that lesser known people & projects can also do well, due to campaigns run by those passionate to see recognition of their favourite artist or project. it doesn’t always need hundreds of votes to secure a nomination, sometimes there are only a hand full of votes in a category and just one extra vote can tip it in favour of who you are supporting. So, every vote does count.